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Susan Allan

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The Compassionate Connection Show with Susan Allan

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The Mission of The Peace ForumSM is to offer a Healing Matrix of tools, skills, and support so that you experience the peace and joy that is your human birthright. The Peace ForumSM, a division of The Marriage Forum, Inc,. is committed to creating world peace, one individual, one family, and one corporation at a time.

“Susan eliminates barriers, traveling the way of spirit and heart. She allows people to enter that area, and say ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No. Susan Allan is the wings people glide on as she brings them through these difficult times seeing through the clear eye of the eagle. She respects their path and their history so that they go forward without their burdens.”

Charles R. Quintero, Peacemaker to the Navajo Nations,
California certified mediator and arbitrator

"Susan Allan is the consummate professional. She is a trusted friend and I am proud to recommend her and blessed to have found her for myself. They say: ‘When the student is ready, the Master will appear’. She is a highly skilled coach…a Master. If you can take the heat of examining your life, Susan can coach you to the success you are looking for."

David Drake, Florida

“Susan Allan, with her creative approach and use of Nonviolent Communication has been a great addition to the Los Angeles County Jail program( M.E.R.I.T.)The M.E.R.I.T. Program is comprised of domestic violence offenders, including other family crimes or other crimes involving violence. Susan has added her unique model of communication by helping these inmates with an open mind, not judging their past, only steering toward a much clearer understanding of Man and Woman. We are privileged to have Ms. Allan share her wealth of knowledge. It’s because of people like Susan that we are able to continue the work of rehabilitation of men and return them back to society as productive members i.e.: Fathers, Husbands, Leaders.”

From Dave Bates, Deputy, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department


Live Streaming May 14th PDT 6:30 -9p.m.
Workshop with Susan Allan, Founder of The Peace Forum and The Marriage Forum, Inc.  and Brandy Bennitt , Founder of Yogimind, Inc.

Live Streaming with Susan Allan, 2nd and 4th Tuesday monthly 8-9 p.m. PT The Compassionate Connection Show

Workshops in Santa Barbara 2nd and 3rd Wednesday monthly 5-8 p.m. PT offering The Heartspace System© by donation

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  • Certified Mediator Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach
  • The Marriage Forum, Inc.
  • The Heartspace System© Nonviolent Communication SM,; Herrmann Brain Dominance™
  • Ask The Love and Relationship Coach in Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine since 2005
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  • Author of EBooks:
    • DIVORCE: THE MARRY-GO-ROUND or How to Save Your Money, Your Sanity and Your Life.
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“In the late summer of 2004 my son was living as a homeless person on the streets of San Francisco.  I had just become friends with Susan Allan and she found this to be a unacceptable situation.  She encouraged me to begin thinking in a positive manner that would have my son coming home to live with me and addressing what I feared was a serious drug problem. I visited my son around Labor Day and convinced him to return to Santa Barbara to live with me.  Once home I discovered he was addicted to crystal meth.  I was determined to do anything and everything to help him.  I began being coached by Susan to learn a new way of communicating, of listening and speaking. I understood what it was like to live with an addict.  I watched him get into trouble with the law and became his attorney.  I watched as everyone, virtually everyone around us gave up on him.  Whether it was “tough love” or “letting him hit bottom” or “jail was the only way to save him” only Susan believed in me and supported me in finding another way. I practiced self empathy.  I gave my son empathy, listened to him, didn’t judge; didn’t give advice, didn’t insert myself into the problem and make it about me.  It was not easy. I was able to support him in finding a 30 day dual diagnosis residential rehab program in Santa Barbara and convince the court to sanction it as part of his diversion/probation.  I was able to help find a 6 to 12 month residential program in Arizona where my son could continue his recovery with the approval and supervision of the court.  He started in early January 2005. On October my son will celebrate 10 months of sobriety.  He has graduated from rehab and is living in a house with two other graduates.  He works full time and attends 4 after care sessions a week at the rehab facility.  There is light in his eyes. I know that these results would not have been possible without the countless hours of coaching with Susan Allan.  She saved my son’s life.  The skills I have learned and am learning has changed my life.  I use the tools in my work, my family life, my social life, in my very thought process countless time a day.  She is a miracle worker.”,

Arno Jaffe, Esq. Santa Barbara, CA

Susan Allan has been a columnist for Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine for 5 years. Instead of being knocked down by her own divorce she found a way to use what she learned to assist others who were going through difficult challenges in their relationships. She teaches clients how to use integrity when unresolved difficulties threaten a marriage so the resolution is peaceful and respectful. She is a woman with an amazing talent for understanding and empathizing with people from all walks of life. Susan shows great compassion in her work and shares her gifts and talents generously with those whose lives she touches. She has dedicated her life to making a difference. I am thrilled that she is continuing to share her wisdom and personal journey with the rest of us.”

Nansie Chapman Publisher/Editor Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine